90-Day Mindset Transformation Mastermind

For achievers who want to grow and finally tap into the potential ability they’ve always had in themselves and their career

BIG Vision Idea


We help entrepreneurs breakthrough their current barriers so they can unlock their full potential, fulfill their deepest desires, and create next-level success and abundance.


If you’re comfortable where you’re at and you’re really happy being comfortable in your life and career, all good.

Read no more… 

If you’re more committed to your excuses and your story of limitation than your potential.  You fill in the _______ of your own story of limitation with (I can’t afford it, too much on my plate, my spouse doesn’t support me, I tried things before and it didn’t work). 

Now that we have that out of the way, who the heck is this for?

So who are we looking for?


You’re really hungry to capitalize on all the inherent talent, opportunity and skills you have within you.


You’re willing to back up your deep desire with MASSIVE ACTION.


You’ve accomplished success in your business or your career, even if you may be dealing with setbacks and trials right now or feel like you are capable of far more.


Incremental progress isn’t acceptable to you. You want rapid progress and you are COMMITTED and DETERMINED.


You want to anchor in the personal success habits that you’ve never stuck with.


You want advanced ways to grow your income like creating an irresistible offer, enhancing your public speaking, and identifying your zone of genius & $1,000 p/hr activities.


You want to bust through money limitations, which usually start in the mind and are anchored in the heart.


You crave a tribe that brings out your best instead of being comfortable.

The Problem…

You self-sabotage your potential.

Self-sabotage comes in many different disguises.

We all know highly talented people with big dreams and desires to live a great life and to impact people deeply but who give life a mere shadow of what they are capable of.

They are playing way too small and they are settling for less than they can be, do, and have.

What are all the costs of playing beneath your potential?

  • How does playing beneath your potential affect your income?
  • How does it affect your family and loved ones that you want to impact?
  • How does it reduce your impact?
  • Wasted human potential=wasted life.

To the degree we waste our potential, we waste moments and opportunity to experience the fullness of life.  


One or more of these elements may be far beneath what you’re capable of


Your personal success habits are not aligned with the person you know you’re capable of becoming


Your money mindset is handcuffed and you hit a definite income ceiling over and over but you know you’re far more


You’re not sure what you’re truly amazing at so you’re not playing from your Zone of Genius yet.


Your offer (s) and understanding of what it takes to create an irresistible offer


Limiting beliefs that have been accepted, traumas, mistakes from the past


Our Story 

Mike Zeller and Dr. Justin Moseley have been obsessed with human potential and peak performance since our teenage years.

Together we’ve read over 3,500 books on personal development: mindset, high-performance, success, business, money mindset, abundance, law of attraction, quantum physics, manifestation, sales, marketing, etc. We’ve invested over $500,000 in our own personal development and over $1 million in hard learned business mistakes so we can help you advance rapidly.

But you know what has been the most powerful experience for both of us?

Masterminds! They have accelerated our growth more than anything else and we know this experience will help you make the leap faster than anything out there.

What We Are Doing About It

We’re solving this challenge.  

We’re solving this challenge for a select group of talented and committed individuals through a rapid transformation process that incorporates powerful live calls, plus a profoundly life-changing retreat..

Who We Are.

Dr. Justin Moseley

The Mindset doc  

Dr. Justin Moseley, the host of the Power of Mindset Summit, believes that you are one mindset shift away from completely transforming your life. He has personally invested over $500,000 into his own personal growth and development. He is one of the most sought-after Mindset Transformation & High-Performance Coaches by entrepreneurs who feel “stuck” and “frustrated” and are looking for a breakthrough in their business and/or personal lives. He has helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs breakthrough their current barriers so they can fulfill their deepest desires, unlock their full potential, and create next-level success and abundance.

Mike Zeller

Business Architect  

Mike Zeller has personally coached over 100 entrepreneurs around the world, helping many many of them break through their stories of limitation to achieve massive income growth and deeper fulfillment and alignment around their zone of genius. He’s led more than 25 powerful mastermind retreats and he’s one of the most knowledgeable and connected people in the coaching world. He’s also been a part of more than 20+ business ventures that have done more than $300 million in sales revenue. His mission is to unleash the potential of some of the world’s best and brightest.

“We want to see you succeed.”

Dr. Justin and Mike love seeing others succeed. 

Both Dr. Justin and Mike have also experienced about every trial and setback imaginable as an entrepreneur and leader but have persevered and grown through each.  

Why now? Is now the time?

You’ve waited long enough… 

It’s cost you an awful lot already.

There will always be a reason why now’s not a great time.

Do you really want to delay your progress again?

If you are ready, we have great news for you…

The MindShift Program

What’s included:


4 monthly Live group sessions. 3 coaching sessions and once per month an NLP meditation and transformation session. ($3500 value)


The 12 Keys to an Irresistible Offer Session ($1997)


Storyboard coaching on messaging for your ideal client ($997)


Additional books, resources and bonuses ($297 value)

What You’ll Learn

Creating a Powerful Money Mindset while Eradicating Scarcity

Stop Self-Sabotaging your progress and playing beneath your potential

Creating your Zone of Genius & finding your $1000 p/hr activities

The 12 keys to creating an irresistible offer (this will catapult you and MASSIVELY increase your sales)

How to define who your core 4% client is and design your messaging around that person

How to get around/create a tribe or core peer group that empowers you

Powerful NLP processes that liberate and transform you.

Designing a killer & doable morning routine that fits you and sets the stage for an incredibly productive and successful day.

Pain vs. pleasure and how to motivate yourself using both

Expert and peer group Hotseats

Bringing out Your Inner Badass

One live in person mastermind retreat ($3500 value)

The MindShift Program.

You’re Invited… 

But spots are extremely limited. If you think you are a good fit, click below to take a few minutes to fill out an application.