What Others Are Saying...

I cannot say enough about this man.

There are some people in life that you meet and you feel like you have known them forever. 

We met years ago and there was an instant trust, so much so, that i asked him to get involved with my company and speak at our annual event.

From that point on there has been a close friendship, a developed business relationship and an unwavering trust to have him pour into our doctors and staff of my international company.

In a world that seems to have lost its way where people are more depressed, more confused and even have no idea who they are and where they should be in their life, people like Dr Justin are needed more than ever in our history.

He is a constant and loved speaker and mentor in our company.  His creative ideas to bring people to a next level is unmatched.  I am proud to call him my friend, colleague and business associate with ventures all over the world.

Dr. Patrick Flynn

Dr. Justin is authentic and speaks the truth. (There is much more but these are the first things that come to mind).

Also, I can count on him not to be easily influenced by the world around him. He has clarity on his course of action.

Stephen Camiolo

I would say that one of Dr. Justin’s greatest strengths is his ability to read people and see the necessary steps in helping that individual bring about the best possible representation of themselves to the world through intentional personal growth and development.  He is a rockstar!

Ross A. Skorzewski

Dr. Justin is faith filled, relatable, and honest & genuine. When I put his three traits together, I get someone who makes people feel comfortable, creates space for them to open up and be vulnerable, and then makes them believe and want to follow his instructions/solutions.

Dr. Jake Schmitz

One of the things I admire the most about Dr. Justin is how driven he is to become great. Rarely, even in the midsts of spending over $500,000 in personal development, have I met someone with Dr. Justin’s caliber of knowledge and depth of character.

He is truly driven to become a master of personal developmenet and a master of showing up in the fullness and greatness of who he is meant to be. Rarely do you see someone with competency and character to go along with it. Justin has both.

He is showing up in the greatnes of who he is meant to be and he is going to make a massive impact in this world.

Dr. Justin is going to impact so many young leaders & entrepreneurs, Chiropractors, and people who are driven to acheieve in the right way by not sacificing their life, their family, and their character in the midsts of pursuit of success.

Dr. Justin has a real depth of wisdom and character that is rare. If you have any chance to spend a significant amount of time with him whether it is having him speak, through his coaching, or if you are fortunate enough to get the rare chance of having him as a 1-on-1 mentor Justin, honor that and treasure that because Dr. Justin has a lot to offer this world.

I have been honored and blessed to have spent considerable amount of time with him. 

Mike Zeller

I’ve known Dr. Justin for many years – and when it comes to helping entrepreneurs create a mindset for growth, success and discovering their purpose – Dr. Justin is second to none.

Dr. Justin possess an amazing ability to listen, learn, process and discern what people need to break through barriers – with life changing results.

Dr. Justin shows up authentically and honestly – and holds nothing back. I’ve found all my experience and conversations in working with him to be life giving and transformational in my mindset and growth as an entrepreneur – a TRUSTED friend who can see beyond the surface and speak life to the places that need it most.

One thing that really stands out about Dr. Justin to me is his confidence, yet his humility in that confidence. That is a rare and profound quality to find in a person.

If you’re looking for someone who you can trust to come along side you, encourage you and together work on changing your mindset that will lead to massive growth and freedom professionally and personally – look no further!

Nick Cavouto

Founder of MentorMind

I had just finished writing a book “The Wellness Way Approach for GI Health.” Our office had planned a big launch event for the book. I had put so much time into writing the book and planning the event I wanted to make sure the presentation was excellent. I worked hours to write the presentation and rehearsed my delivery numerous times. Being the perfectionist I am I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have some other eyes and ears spot checking me.

In comes Dr. Justin Moseley. I called him and his wife on short notice and set up a weekend to do my presentation.

In complete honesty, I didn’t expect a huge amount of feedback. My drive and type A personality compels me to always push for 100 and 10 percent and this project was no exception.

Imagine my surprise when I went to do my presentation and Dr. Justin had a notebook out to take notes while I spoke. I finished my talk and he got to work meticulously taking apart my talking points and showing me how I could take it to the next level. It was the little, small details that I absolutely loved that he caught of where I could improve on. It was details like a voice inflection, a pause, or reflecting on an important aspect for just a few seconds more. He also pointed out where I could draw the listener back to recall my earlier discussion of a topic to create repetition. This helps to increase learning.

My point is Dr. Justin was amazing. His attention to the smallest of details were not missed. I appreciate this level of coaching. I know this is a rare quality. If you’re looking to get to the next level in your communication skills. I highly recommend Dr. Justin Moseley’s one-on-one coaching.

Dr. Kelvie Culpepper

I have masterminded for many years with Dr. Justin and this man has helped bring clarity into executing my vision with our business.  

His thoughtfulness and intention behind the words he speaks, has breathed life into our marketing machine.  Thank you!

Jeff Styba

Co-Founder, My Oil Lab and dōTERRA Blue Diamond Leader

Dr. Justin is THE MAN!!!

First of all he is so kind and generous. He is not “judgey” at all but at the same time does an EXCELLENT job of giving clear and direct advice. I was very nervous when he first asked me to send him a recording of myself, I could just feel the shame and heat on my face while I tried to pretend it was totally fine but within minutes he took all that negative energy away. I couldn’t wait to tell him my weakness, I WANTED his advice because it was obvious he could easily help me.

He guided me with everything from the way I stood (even compared different videos I had sent him from classes I had performed better in), to how I used my hands. We also reviewed how to face a crowd if I am using a screen, how to connect, how to get a cold audience involved, and the best part is he did it on MY TERMS!

What does that mean? He took my strengths and just made them stronger. He did not try to make me a “mini-moseley” (but I am sure that would be adorable), he only added on and complemented what already came naturally to me. I have had coaches in the past and what do they usually do? They say “That’s good but… here do this” and hand me their speech. Is there speech bad? No, its actually great BUT it’s not ME and therefor I struggle with being genuine and sincere which is so important when presenting.

I LOVE THIS MAN (if you haven’t been able to tell yet). In just ONE session I went from a strong streak (yes, multiple classes) of not getting anyone to buy into my business to signing up 19 PEOPLE the very same day after we spoke. If you are looking for the real deal and someone to bring out the best in you, look no further, you will not meet a more real and charismatic person.

Thanks for all of your help Dr. Justin.

Dr. Shannon Bundy

Dr. Justin is just a genuine human being. He loves Jesus, he loves people, he may have goals for business, life but that’s never gotten in the way of our relationship or how he lives his life in authenticity. He’s the best at being him. It’s unique because it’s him and there is only one of him. Some people, even me at times, try to be someone else but he has grown and stayed the same authentic him. I think being himself is so powerful. 

Dr. Jake Parrish

Some of Dr. Justin’s greatest strengths are that he is prepared, hard-working, able to connect with anyone, and is authentic. 

He has the unique ability to genuinely connect with others. He also has the ability to persuade others without them feeling like they are being persuaded.

Dr. Greg Abbott

Dr. Justin is authentic. He shares his true self with everyone. This is rare these days.

He is reliable and stable. What he says, he sees through to the end.

He is caring. When others speak he truly listens with intent to make sure they feel heard.

In a world where people have so little hope, he is a light to so many.

Dr. Dennis Ciccone

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